About FAT

The first edition of the Festival of the Other Theater is on its way. A new Leiden theater festival as an ode to the public, society and the experiment. A festival that puts the viewer in the center of attention and then subjects her to self-reflection, discomfort and critical thinking. A festival that at the same time lovingly takes its audience by the hand. Come in, or rather: crawl outside and ask yourself the question: is this actually still theater?!


One will discover special performances and meet exciting creators. The public will be given an active role in this and therefore also a piece of responsibility.


FAT will take place at 7 locations in Leiden on 30, 31 May and 1 June. There are performances in Theater Ins Blau and in Theater de Generator, but also more unexpected places are visited such as: the Rembrandtpark, the ACPA building next to the Hortus, the Haarlemmerstraat, the studio of Tribes Yoga & Dance and the Red Carpet Lounge.


For the festival, the organization of FAT cooperates with various Leiden makers such as Dansblok, Het PS theater and ROEM. During FAT you will experience, for example, the club night of Club Rightaboutnow in Theater Ins Blau, you will gain insight into the way in which safety measures affect our lives and reflect on this with Better Safe Than Sorry. Immerse yourself in the world of Voguing during the House of Vinyard workshop. With Great People we see what feminism means for a groundbreaking theater collective from Maastricht. For iTernity makes us think about the question: “Have we finally become immortal?”

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